Sunday, April 17, 2011


We were watching my friend's girls overnight & this morning my husband got up & made them a full breakfast! Romanian pancakes, sausage, bacon & home made fried potatoes! This is a really terrible picture I realize, but I had to catch it. If you know my husband, this just gets him one step closer to making ours a family of 7.


Tonight we were invited over to some friend's house for a shrimp boil! Everything was super yum & it was a great evening.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Blowing dandelion dust.
ISO 100 f 2.2 1/320


No picture today.


Look who crawled all the way into the kitchen by himself! Boo ya!
ISO 500 f2.5 1/160


Lucky for me, Courtney always has her camera so I shot this of the kids, thanks to her. She pointed out to me you rarely see see-saws at parks anymore... This was the first time I think the kids had been on one!
ISO 100 f2.8 1/320


No picture today.


No picture today.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Tonight I finally got out to take the boy's 6 yr pictures. It started out a little rough but in the end we had a great time. It was just him & me & we had lots of fun playing in the sand. It was hard to narrow it down to just one to post but I chose this one bc it really shows his personality.
I love you, buddy! I can't believe you are 6!
ISO 200 f2.8 1/200

This week I learned I'm not giving up on my 365! Yea me. What did you learn this week?
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91/365 - 98/365

No pictures taken.


Today my dad went diving w the husband so I took my mom & the kids up north to see some sights. We were able to hit Pizza in the Sky & I got this great shot. I love it bc my mom looks so happy. She is notorious for not smiling in pictures!
ISO 500 f3.2 1/125


We were up North pretty late today & the last place we hit was Nakijin castle. Nakijin is amazing when the cherry blossoms are in bloom but unfortunately my parents missed that. It was still really beautiful & I was thrilled to be there during the golden hour to get some pics.
ISO 100 f2.8 1/160


Today we took my parents to a tourist street in Naha called Kokousai. It was actually the first time we had been too so it was fun to walk around & see all the shops. I think these pig heads are outside of a restaurant. The Okinawans are known for loving their pigs & they literally use & eat every part!
ISO 160 f3.5 1/250


I love this shot. The baby has been having such a hard time since my parents have been here. I think it's a combination of teething, upset tummy & lack of naps. Either way he was so upset today he just couldn't settle himself. Nana finally put him to sleep w some firm pats on the back. I love seeing my parents in the background of this shot, while my mom holds his head.
ISO 5000 f2.5 1/160


Tonight we took my parents out to a place that features local food & has a drum show. I really wish I could get better shots in this place but this is the 3rd time we've been & the lighting is pretty terrible. Ah well!
Shot on auto.


Today we had the boy's first kid birthday party. In the past, we've always had big family parties so this was the first time I had to prepare for lots of kids! Even tho it was chilly the kids had a blast in the bouncy castle. Who doesn't love to bounce?
ISO 200 f 4.5 1/160


No picture today.


We also got to celebrate my dad's birthday while my parent's were here. Even tho he wasn't up for morning ice cream we still had to make him a birthday waffle. Happy Birthday, Dad!
ISO 500 f2.8 1/100


Happy Birthday my gorgeous birthday boy, today you are 6! Our tradition here is the birthday waffle. Love that morning hair too.
ISO 2000 f2.8 1/160
To celebrate the boy's birthday we took him to a place called Okinawa World. It was a full day excursion but the highlight was when he got to take his picture w the boa!
ISO 640 f2.8 1/160


Today we went up North to an antique shop but it was closed. Luckily the grounds were just as amazing as I imagined the insides to be. We had the best time just wandering around the grounds & looking at all the little treasure. There is a place to make shi shi dogs & that's is where I shot this.
ISO 200 f2.8 1/500
I'm including another picture especially since I haven't been keeping up. I know you won't mind. We also hit the aquarium today & I love this shot of my parents watching a whale shark.
ISO 1000 f2.5 1/160


No picture today.


Today was so exciting for us! It has been over a year & a half since we've seen my parents & tonight they finally got here. The kids & I were thrilled to meet them at the airport & they were thrilled to see us after 20+ hrs of flying!
ISO 2000 f4.0 1/125


No picture today.


No picture today.


No picture today.


No picture today.


No picture today.


The husband got up early & made the kids blueberry & white choc chip waffles for breakfast! What a guy! When I came in the kitchen this is what I saw: the boy had gone thru & eaten only the blueberries & choc chips. This is where you either say, Ah kids, gotta love 'em or What a turd.
ISO 250 f2.5 1/60


My newest addiction. Dark choc. The darker the better. I have been trying to find 76% & above.
ISO 125 f2.5 1/60


Reason #127 why dad is more fun than mom: dinner al fresco.
It was so dark outside I think I may have even taken this on auto.
ISO 6400 f2.5 1/125


I took both the kids to get their hair cut at my Japanese salon on the seawall. It's so much better than the base salon or (worse) barber shop & a great price too. I shot this one of them sitting on the seawall while we waited to go into the salon.
ISO 320 f2.5 1/125


Love Love Love these chunky, little, dimpled thighs.
ISO 320 f2.2 1/160


The husband got us this beautiful wall hanging while he was in India & we finally got it framed. It is made out of pieces of antique wedding dresses all sewn together. This is one of my favorite spots.
ISO 2000 f2.2 1/160


Happy Lent! This marks the first of our Fish on Fri-days. I prefer to go to the fresh fish market but when time doesn't permit, I just hit the Japanese grocery store.
ISO 250 f2.2 1/160


I loved seeing a lot of other people's bathtub shots so I wanted to get one of my own. Unfortunately, my bathroom is like a cave. I still think this one came out pretty cute.
ISO 3200 f3.2 1/160


Can you believe I even did a Monday me? This was one of those days where I had minimal time so my multi tasking brain decided to set up the tripod & shoot while I unloaded the groceries. And don't judge me for those plastic bags. I forgot my cloth ones at home. I also shot like, 200 pictures not realizing my foot was cut off in all of them. Again, don't judge me. ha
ISO 800 f4.5 1/160


Have you ever eaten one of these? I had never had one until today. The husband tells me they are kumquats but whatever they are, they are delish. I ate them till my tongue was numb.
ISO 200 f1.8 1/160


I love these little socks. They were a gift for the boy from his Godmother when she went to Barcelona. They are so bright & colorful I've had all the kids wear them.
ISO 3200 f1.8 1/160


No picture today.


Happy hina-matsura! March 3 is Japanese Girl's Day. The boy made this at school to help celebrate.
ISO 250 f2.2 1/160


Mmmmm. It's that time of year again. You haven't tasted a strawberry till you've tasted one from Okinawa. They are seriously like little bites of sugar. On base they are so expensive (sometimes $8 a carton)! But off base you can find them for much less.
ISO 500 f2.2 1/100


Don't be too disapointed. This picture was taken first thing in the morning & it was a pretty cloudy day but I loved this moment. The husband is such a great daddy & all the kids get such a kick out of him. The baby loves a little story w his O's.
ISO 2000 f2.5 1/320