Saturday, February 5, 2011


joy of LOVE 05: love to hate

So today I found myself rounding up all 3 kids to take to the aquarium solo. When I say solo, what I really mean is, even tho I was going w a friend, I was going without the husband. All morning I felt rushed. I was shouting orders at the kids, brush your teeth, pick up those toys, put your socks on, PICK UP THOSE TOYS, stop fighting, STOP SHOUTING! You get the idea. I hate mornings like this when I am the lone organizer, the lone packer, the lone... breast feeder. Not that I'd like someone else to feed my kid, I'm just saying, some days it can be maddening to round up a small army of tykes unless you have complete & total preparation & organization. Today I had neither of those things. Bottom line, they outnumber me.
The hour & a half car ride to the aquarium was filled w, stop fighting, keep your hands to yourself, share the snacks, your voice is too loud, STOP SHOUTING! Seriously, it's enough to make a person wonder why they would ever try & leave the house. So even tho some days I may hate everything abt trying to get out of the house & trying to have as smooth a journey as possible, I do so love them being able to do & experience as much as they can. I love watching them interact w the world.
ISO 3200 f2.8 1/40


  1. They're so blessed to have a mom like you! Cute picture.

  2. Love that they are so interested in the stringrays. Hope you had a wonderful time once you did get there and hoping they were tired enough to sleep on the way home.

  3. Great photo! I love how they are sitting so still as you are explaining a story of complete chaos :O) Glad you guys got out of the house and off to the aquarium! We need to do that again :O)

  4. Wow, they look so mesmerized! Great shot...good work rounding everyone/thing up! ;)

  5. I love it... And only a mom knows the effort it takes to make a single outing! :)

  6. Beautiful silhouette against the stingrays!