Thursday, February 17, 2011


joy of LOVE 17: staying in

When I first saw this prompt I thought - ah, great. During the week, when the bigs are home from school, I try to 'stay in' as little as possible. After school we usually head straight to the park so I didn't think I'd be able to follow the prompt. And then - it rained. So we did stay in. And the kids got creative w their art kit & I got to watch a whole half hour of Oprah.
ISO 2000 f3.5 1/200


  1. Cute angle, I love how bright the markers are!!

  2. You've got such nice light to work did he include Pluto? :)

  3. Fun perspective :) I have about 20 million Oprah's on the DVR. My husband makes fun of me... and I keep meaning to watch them, but never do. Oh well, they're there if I want them!

  4. Thanks guys. Yeah Janell, he has really been working on his penmanship.
    @ Jaime. He was actually writing Pluto in this picture! I tried to explain to him it's not really a planet anymore but that doesn't really make sense to me or him.
    @ Megan, we had DVR in the states, man how you miss the little things when you live overseas.

  5. Cute, cute, cute. I love your angle on this shot, and I love that you caught this time in his life. It shows how hard he is working and how his efforts are paying off. I'm going to try this with my two beginning writers.